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will my 350 setup work

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will my 350 setup work

joneswyatt135 joneswyatt135
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/14
Posted: 08/05/14
09:20 PM

hi im new to this forum and im 18 so i dont have to much knowledge, so im building a street motor for my 1985 gmc swb 2wd, and i need help to figure out if it will work this is my setup so far, and im easy to please if its a little doggy im fine with that

gm 350 260hp crate motor
i stripped it down to a short block

750 demon carb
2 inch 4 hole spacer
performer rpm dual plane intake
205cc 64cc speedmaster aluminum heads
1.5 ratio roller rockers
magnum 270ah cam
dished pistons sorry i do not know the measurements (just stock pistons)
cast crank
2500 stall converter
and the truck has 3 speed th350 and 2.73 rear end gear ratio