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2008 Oldsmobile Nationals in Detroit

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2008 Oldsmobile Nationals in Detroit

GT73 GT73
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/08
Posted: 08/06/08
07:37 AM

Jut got back from the Oldsmobile Club of America Nationals in Detroit and had a blast with my family!

Everyone at the show was very friendly and there were quite a few Oldsmobiles from the 50's - 80's. The Detroit Chapter (Motor City Rockets) hosted the event and put on a first class show at the Dearborn Hyatt Hotel.

I even met Linda Vaughan (Miss Hurst Shifter), she was so kind and still looks great!  Cool

Overall it was an awesome show and I highly recommend joining the Oldsmobile Club of America! Its true - you meet the nicest folks in an Oldsmobile.

For more club info and upcoming shows go to www.oldsclub.org  

ekimball ekimball
Enthusiast | Posts: 348 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 08/08/08
12:08 PM

Ya gotta love Oldsmobile's, even if GM killed it off.